Project Management

To lead a team into the great unknown, against tremendous odds, is something we should all try once.

How best to direct the attention of 5 people trying to make something new.

We affect others with our awareness, and energy. This is at least 10x true for project managers. Every meeting minute is an opportunity to focus attention, and awareness, and clear objectives make clear if those minutes are being spent well, wasted, or the worst of all-spent harmfully.

Every minute of team awareness, and attention should move a project forward. The project manager must see the narrow path forward, and keep everyone positively locked on target.

The project manager must be the bright, positive ball of light, magnetically bringing people together, facilitating a positive, energetic mind meld that creates a whole greater than the sum of its parts, going beyond the limits of the self.

The primary job of the project manager is to facilitate an environment that encourages members to dissolve the self into the team, and mission.

You should be able to do a minute-by-minute accounting of your meetings and be able to say, “At least 75% of our meeting time was spent actively, and positively mind melding over the nearest, and dearest objectives at hand.”

If a minute-by-minute accounting shows the majority of the meeting time was spent talking about personal feelings, and complaining about the project, and an absent team member, then whoever was leading those meetings is harming the team, and the mission. Harm comes from the core dark energy of exclusion which is at odds with the energy of unity, and oneness, the energy at the heart of any mission driven team. If a project manager tells sales and marketing to ignore product development, that severs connectivity in a newly forming organism.

It may be among the highest virtues to boldly go in pursuit of divine creation, and exploration, but it also might not always be our default state. It takes a certain amount of deliberate energy, a choice, to be our best. Our best is something beyond our default state of nature. It is an act of sorts that we all choose to buy into.

The core objective of the Captain is to get a core team to believe the impossible is possible.

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