Enterprise Management

Team dynamics from the crew of the NCC-1701

Love endures for Star Trek The Original Series because the core cast create a core team we all want to be part of.

A primary duty of leadership is to lead love.

Stations vs. tasks. A station is a zone of responsibility that is loved. A task is something you do, and forget about.

Crew members have stations, not tasks.

Crew members have primary stations, and additionally learn all stations. The entire bridge crew, plus engineering becomes the human brain of the ship.

Senior officers live on the front line. The single biggest difference between TOS and TNG is Kirk is inclined to beam down, learn, explore, engage, and be the light. Picard is inclined to sit in the chair, tell others what to do, and be angry.

Major decisions, and deviations require the support of 2/3 senior officers.

The highest ideal is to selflessly serve the ship, crew, and mission.

This all happened because Kirk got too comfortable