5 Captains

A comparison of starship captains starts with “what counts?”

5 captains:  Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer

Evaluation is based on two questions:

  1. Who would I want to camp with?
  2. Who would I want to go into hot battle with?

Kirk has a light within that outshines all others. 

Kirk will decide, and act in the time it takes other captains to schedule a meeting.

Kirk will do anything for ship, crew, and mission, including ignoring high command, and self interest.

Backing the NCC-1701 out of a parking garage is the second best 4 minutes in all of Star Trek

Who would you want to sit around a campfire with for a weekend?  Who would you want to send your kids to learn from?  Picard is angry,and doesn’t like kids.  Janeway is the principal who sees the world in terms of order, and discipline.  Sisko does a good job of channeling Kirk’s brightness, but is a victim of plots that focus on a bar tender, and security guard locked in a shopping mall.  Archer would make a great gym, or physics teacher, but is not as charismatically captivating.

Who would you want to go into a combat zone with?  Who would you want making split second, life and death decisions?  Picard, and Janeway need more order, and structure than battle permits.  Archer, and Sisko lack the command presence, and contagious confidence to overcome impossible obstacles.

Enterprise Management

Love for ship, crew, and mission