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Complexity is Confusion

An advantage of human scale is comprehensibility. Security is fought at the human level.

When you leave the complexity of hyperscale which only makes sense at the Google/Facebook level, you enter a world where pattern anomalies become obvious.

Pattern anomalies are the awareness field of security. Be it packets, or people, spotting who does not belong is how you keep a work environment safe.

When traffic into your network is human scale, rather than hyperscale, that which does not belong is obvious to humans. Layers upon layers of vaporware security products become obsolete with tools like bandwidth monitoring, fail2ban, iftop, and iptables. The military industrial complex, and the security theater complex feed on fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Tools already built into the Linux kernel, and a human who knows what to look for will keep you safer than something sold by a guy in a suit who can’t explain how a subnet, or DNS works.

Spock: Scanning an energy source on Reliant, a pattern I’ve never scene before.

Best scene in all of Star Trek