Communicate and collaborate on a platform you own

Email, file sharing, document editing, commenting, chat, calendars, contacts, announcements, and more.  Unparalleled control, security, and privacy. Easier than multiple rental services. Save time, and money getting exactly what you want.

Unlimited accounts. Only pay for what you use. Save 10x over anything else.

Own your platform

Control your data

Own one platform instead of renting multiple services.


Save time and money making everything exactly how you want it, and then keeping it that way.


One platform means one password. Most security breaches are some form of human error. Simple is secure.


Private cloud keeps everything locked away in a safe place where only you have the key. Public cloud is like an apartment complex.

Ready to use

We provide a fully finished workspace ready to get work done.

The default interface is clean, intuitive, and modern.

PieDesktop is the easy way to private cloud

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PieDesktop private cloud empowers you to do more with less.

A group of technology veterans from finance, law, and software got together and said, “there has got to be a better way.” So we made the easy way to private cloud.